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RETIRED POLL: Barack Obama Takes Office

The response to our poll on (we run different polls on each of our sites) indicates support for Barack Obama in line with the vote tally he received in the election in our area, along with sincere hope, and some concern, that he can handle a recognizable difficult task. 

You can now also respond with your own comments on the job you think our President has done in his first 100 days in office.

Poll Question: Which statement best describes your feelings as Barack Obama takes office?
27%    I fully support him
53%    I hope he is able to get us going in the right direction
13%    I have concerns the job is too big for him
7%    I do not think he will be successful

Reader Responses:

I hope that Obama is able to get us going in the right direction. It seems as if he is making some effort and is doing it right away, I like that. He hasn't been on the job long and he is trying to do what he can to help the economy. I am not going to put him on a pedestal though because he is just a man and I don't want to be disappointed if he ends up screwing up a great opportunity for him, like Kwame did. I just hope that he can help this country because we are in bad shape. Like he said though, it won't happen overnight.
President Obama scares me. The fact that he had very little political experience when he came into office, and the office he did hold in Chicago, he only won because he eliminated his opponents by challenging their petitions. I can't help but wonder if he would have won otherwise. In the short time he has been in office he has put this country in debt so far, that our great-great grandchildren will still be paying it off. I am waiting for out taxes to go up again, which I have little doubt they will. I also see the country divided by his healthcare plan. While I agree people should not be without healthcare, a government run plan I believe is not the answer. Just ask Great Brittan and Canada (who are currently coming to the US for treatment on life threatening illnesses because of the waiting list in their country). I don't think the people who ARE working and paying taxes should have to pay for everyone else either...especially illegals. I see the government now controlling the banks, the auto companies, soon the utilities and healthcare. I see us slowly losing our freedoms and choices. As of now I have little faith of Obama succeeding. I hope I'm wrong.

Add your response:

First 100 days - What do you think?

Barack Obama has taken office, dealt with some controversy regarding his cabinet choices, and tackled opposition to his economic stimulus package. What do you think so far?
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