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Canton will soon be home to an ALDI Market store, a German company now expanding rapidly across the US. The Canton location is the former Sears Paint and Hardware in the shopping plaza on the south side of Ford Rd., just east of Lilley.

What can Canton shoppers expect? A no frills shopping concept: "renting" a shopping cart for a quarter; a charge for shopping bags; a limited selection of products and brands that most Americans are not yet familiar with; some inventory in boxes in aisles rather than on shelves, limited check-out staff; no credit cards accepted (debit OK); and by all accounts, extremely low prices, which has garnered the stores a wide following both abroad, and now in the US - popularity that has fueled ALDI's growth.

Interestingly, members of the founding Albrecht family have also founded the US-based Trader Joe's market chain, a concept that is perhaps more familiar to many in Canton. Is a Trader Joe's location also in Canton's future?

The closest existing ALDI is on Cherry Hill Rd. in Garden City.

For more information, this article is kind of old, but still seems relevant to Aldi's continued expansion in Metro Detroit.

Reader Responses:

Aldi is a fantastic store for a family's grocery needs, especially for the basic meal needs. I've been shopping there for a few years and am never worried about going over my grocery budget. It's a small, well organized store, which saves you time too. Take your recycled shopping bags and check it out.
kathleen charron
super experience. yes i will shop at canton store

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