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Solar Open House at Mechanical Energy Systems in Canton

Donna Napolitano

Mechanical Energy Systems (MES) Southeast Michigan’s largest and oldest solar energy company are opening their doors and invite everyone to participate in the free Michigan Sustainable Homes and Business Tour, held state wide on Saturday October 10 between 10 AM and 2 PM.

Here in the Southeast Michigan Customers eying systems for the last few years can now afford to make solar energy a reality on their home or business. Utility rebates are limited and in high demand. Fast acting solar electric customers can save 55% of costs. 30% from Federal tax credits, another 25% from DTE of the total cost. Another 25% is spread over 20 years through DTE, but the DTE program is filling up fast. Solar hot water and space heating also qualify for the 30% tax credit until Dec. 2010. At the open house at Mechanical Energy Systems’ Demonstration Center a wide variety of working solar applications are on display. Perfect for retrofit, remodeled or new homes and businesses.

“The tour demonstrates that solar energy can, and has worked reliably right here in cloudy, cold Michigan for over 30 years” explains Donna Napolitano, co-owner and solar specialist. Donna and her husband Joe have been using, installing, distributing, and servicing solar systems around Michigan and Ohio for almost three decades. “The solar tour is a great opportunity for the public to see and touch the systems,” states Joe.” We can answer questions and share our solar expertise with you as you walk through our building and discover how you can control your future energy needs by using the sun already on your roof.”

MES uses solar products in daily operations. The office and warehouse is lit with natural day lighting, brighter and more secure than skylights with no damaging ultraviolet rays. Water is heated by the sun and supported with a Solar Boiler, the computers and phones are powered with a Photovoltaic (electric) system. A solar wall brings in heated fresh air removing the chill and improving indoor air quality while Solar Hot Air Panels assist heating the building during the winter months.

Also, learn about the advantages and savings of Solar Attic Fans and Solar Pool Heating systems. MES also offer high efficiency heating and cooling HVAC equipment to promote energy conservation, for those not ready to move to solar.

For more information see American Solar Energy Society, sponsored by the US Dept. of Energy or contact: The Great Lakes Renewable Energy 1-800-434-9788.

Mechanical Energy Systems, 8130 Canton Center Road, Canton, MI 48187 (734) 453-6746 or 1-800-by-solar

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