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The Aldi grocery store in Canton (Ford Rd. east of Lilley) has been open since early Autumn, and too many Canton shoppers, at the right time, as it has enabled them to save on the basics during this economic downturn.

If you haven't been to the Aldi, or are unfamiliar with their concept, it is essentially an offering of grocery staples with little of no brand choices at extremely low prices.  On most items, the only brand available is one of a series ofAldi brands that are not labeled as "Aldi".  On a very few items, there are name brands, but they are not offered consistently.  The prices are hard to beat - A gallon of milk for $1.99, a large package of tortillas for $.99, most canned vegetables for $.49, eggs for .$.99, Cereals, bread, dairy, frozen entrees and many other items are sold at prices that are often lower, sometimes much lower, than sale prices or store at other stores.  Meat appears fresh and is at good prices.  A limited selection of vegetables are not in cool racks, but seem fresh, and are priced in a range higher that Randazzo's, and lower than other grocery stores.

So what does a shopper give up to get low prices?  For those looking for store brands, or a wide selection, Aldi will disappoint.  Shoppers we talked have told us that they have learned what is available here, and come to Aldi to stock up on those items (many people max out on the Aldi limit of six gallons of milk!), and then supplement the few items not available at Aldi at other stores.

Aldi is also very no-frills.  You'll pay a quarter to get your cart, which encourages a return and no need to send an employee out to the lot.  There is usually only one, sometimes two registers open, which makes it frustrating for a shopper waiting in a long line to pay for only a few items.  You pay for bags if you don't bring them, and you bag your own groceries on a counter after you pay.

The people that shop at Aldi know the drill - they are there to save money, and from our own experience, the savings can be substantial.  So far, the Canton store has been kept clean, the aisles are wide, the products are organized and well-displayed, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

The no-frills, limited selection concept adhered to Aldi may not be for everyone, but in these tough economic times, the concept has been welcomed by many.  If you are interested in saving money, it could be for you.

Have you been here?  What's your opinion?

Reader Responses:

We like Aldi. We can even take the kids. They can pick out a few things, like the sundae cones, and it won't break the bank. My kids like it when there is an extra cart left in the lot, because they get to keep the quarter from returning it. You are right about your review of this place. You won't find everything, but what they have is at great prices. Here's a tip. Keep some bags in your car, so you won't have to pay for them when you come here.
We like Aldi too. We have continued to experiment with more of their products, and we have only found a few that aren't as good as name brands. I am concerned about any non name brand peanut butter because of the salmonella thing, so I won't buy that, and I also recently bought a corned beef at Aldi because it was a real low price, and it was not very good at all, almost all fat. The Meijer corned beef is much better. So I think each person will figure out the things they will be able to go to Aldi to stock up on.

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