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RETIRED POLL: Most Frequent Activity

Although this unscientific poll on the site did not allow selection from among all possible activities, we did want to get a feel for how people spend their time and money.
Perhaps it is no suprise that the top choice is a reflection of our economy, as the least expensive option was most poular, but we were surprised by the number of people that take mini-vacations as their most frequent activity.  We remind those people that we welcome your report on a short vacation you have taken as an article on this site!

How do your choices compare?

Poll Question: Which of these activities do you do most often?
36%    Take in a movie at a theater
18%    Listen to live music
21%    Take a short mini-vacation
24%    Go on a (non-grocery or essentials) shopping excursion

Reader Responses:

I spend a lot of my extra time going to the movies. I go to the movies about twice a week. It is very fun and fairly cheap. Every few months or so, I take a mini shopping trip. My husband and I wake up early and drive out to Great Lakes Crossing and spend the day out there. We do a little shopping, take in a movie, and have lunch while we are there. It's not much but it is something to do and is lots of fun. In the summer I like to spend my weekends going to fairs, festivals, live concerts, and parks. The weather is perfect in the summer for those kinds of things.

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How does this compare to your most frequent leisure activilty. Or can you provide detail on what you like to do around town? We'd all love to hear about it.
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