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RETIRED POLL: Are You A Cereal Mixer?

If you mix cereals, and you have someone telling you how strange you are, you can relax.  You may still be strange, but according to our poll, you're not alone!  More than half our respondents are regular mixers, 18% mix, but feel the need to make an excuse for it, and 30% think the other 70% are weird.

My personal favorite?  1/3 corn flakes, 1/3 either Crispix or Cheerios, and 1/3 granola.  Bon Apetit!

Poll Question: Us "cereal-mixers" can't be alone. If you are not afraid of what this may divulge about your personality, please respond below!

24%    I usually mix more than 1 cereal in the same bowl
27%    I always mix different cereals
18%    I occasionally mix, when one flavor is running out
30%    I never mix cereals - that's weird!

Reader Responses:

I have never mixed cereals. When my husband and I go grocery shopping, we only buy two boxes, one for him and one for me. I don't touch his cereal and he doesn't touch mine. After buying the two boxes of cereal, I spend the rest of the money buying other items that we need for the house.

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Care to Comment? What's Your Favorite Mix?

Now that you know that your not alone, you can come out of the cereal mixers closet and let us know what your favorite blend is. It's OK, we'll only use your first name!
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