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What's the Worst Halloween Candy?

It can always be determined what the favorite Halloween candy is - it gets eaten within a week or two of Halloween.  But what is the stuff that's always the last to go, if it goes at all?  In our house, these are the perennial losers:
  • the little dum-dum suckers or any suckers except tootsie-roll pops
  • popcorn balls
  • the unidentifiable hard candies wrapped in the weird crackly paper
  • Laffy-taffy (I know, some people like it)
  • the halloween-themed foil wrapped stuff
So that's our house - what about yours?

Reader Responses:

Hey - I like laffy taffy! But bottle caps suck!
I don't like most gum, but I didn't get that much this year. I don't like the popcorn balls either - I got two of them. My mom tells me not to complain, so I give it to my brother even though he won't trade me for anything.

Add your response:

What do you think is the worst?

What candy is the last to go at your house? Do you agree or disagree with our choices? Let us know! There's a social benefit too - maybe people will stop buying this stuff!
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