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Going to Ann Arbor? Let A2 Express do the Driving!

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It's no secret that one of the drawbacks to living in Southeast Michigan is the lack of a well-developed mass transportation system.  For people with a regular need to go to Ann Arbor, however, the A2 Express may provide an answer.  It runs a Monday through Friday, with two morning pick-ups in the Cherry Hill Village area of Canton, with multiple stops at the UM Medical Center campus, the U of M campus, and downtown Ann Arbor, with the longest possible scheduled time spent on the bus less than 40 minutes.  Return trips back to Canton occur in the late afternoon and early evening.

Several fare-plans are available, with a one-time, one-way ticket  at a cost of $5, a "ten-pack" fare plan available for $40, or $4 for each ride, to 30-day unlimited travel passes for $125.  Several businesses co-sponsor the program, allowing employees to purchase the 30-day passes for 50% off the regular rate.

For more information on pick-up and drop off locations, schedules and rates, got to

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