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MEET THE CANDIDATES - Responses Received

On September 25th, via email and subsequent updates and requests sent to the stated email address for each respective candidate, invited local candidates to respond to a standardized questionnaire designed to enable them to state their position on issues, goals, and qualifications for office.  The following information is consistent with what we informed each candidate we would communicate relative to their response or non-response effective this date.

This provides a status update on their response as of 10/21/08:

Candidates for 35th District Judge
Joe Barone - no response
Jim Plakas - no response

Candidates for Township Supervisor
Phil LaJoy - no response
David P. Marsh - Response received, click here to review

Candidates for Trustee
John Anthony - no response
Todd Caccamo - response received, click here to review
Charles C. Page - response received, click here to review
Dr. Syed S. Taj - no response
Pat Williams - response received, click here to review
Karl Zarbo - no response

Candiates for Wayne County Commissioner
Steve Johnson - no response
Kevin McNamara - no response

Candidates for 20th District State Representative
Marc Corriveau - no response
Jerry Vorva - no response

Candidates for 21st District State Representative
Brian Cronan - no response
Todd LaJoy - no response
Dian Slavens - no response

Our position at Canton.iTownOnline is to remain neutral regarding candidates for office, and we do not provide a public endorsement of any candidate.  To facilitate an informed voting public, we do feel we provided a fair and unbiased forum for candidates to express their personal views on issues and topics of interest to voters, however, and we express our gratitude to the candidates that took time to utilize this forum for that purpose.

All above candidates are aware that this summary will be updated if additional responses are received prior to the election.

Please fulfill your civic duty during this important time for our country, our state, and our community.  Vote for the candidates of your choice on November 4th. 

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