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RETIRED POLL - How Did Bush Do?

We ran this poll for about 8 weeks in our Community section of our Canton site.  Here is the question and a final tally on responses.

Although George Bush did not win the Michigan vote for either of his two terms, he probably carried the vote in Canton both times. In retrospect, how do you feel about the job he has done?

0%      He was the right man for a difficult job
23%    He made some mistakes, but he did OK
31%    Another President would have done better
46%    W stands for the "W"orst

Comment - As our poll results indicate, current sentiment in our community, which is consistent with national approval ratings, is not favorable on the job that George Bush has done as President.  We suspect these results would change over time - history, and sentiment after time spent out of office (Jimmy Carter comes to mind) usually determines the lasting legacy of a President.  We also caution that our polls are not scientific. Because they are voluntary, they tend to attract those with a passionate view, and it is unlikely that even a staunch George Bush supporter would actively seek opportunities to provide a glowing review of his Presidency.

Reader Responses:

Jon B
I don't think anyone could have predicted how awful this presidency was. You can always blame outside influences for mediocrity, but not awfulness.

Add your response:

What Do You Think?

What do you think about this poll, or on the job that George Bush did as President? How do you feel that history will judge him? Our poll is over, but you are free to comment. Please provide a name as you would like it posted.
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